• The Real Estate

    Co-Powerment Series

    An education platform designed to demystify the real estate development process.


    Through in-class instruction, coaching and mentorship, our goal is to demonstrate how community members, organizations, and small business owners can participate and benefit from their own neighborhood revitalization. See below for more information about our Fall Course.



    “The Real Estate Co-Powerment Series increased my understanding of real estate redevelopment and how to properly work with city and private agencies to accomplish the goals of my community. What followed after graduating from the Series, was the confidence to believe in the process. Confidence then gave way to courage. Some folks participate in the cohort for personal reasons, some for professional reasons. No matter the individual purpose, we all want our communities to be healthy.”

    - Denise, 3rd Real Estate Co-Powerment Series Cohort (Spring 2018)


    “The Real Estate Co-Powerment Series is one the most worthwhile experiences I have had in a long time. It is practical and it’s instructors are actual practitioners. This program allows one to obtain knowledge while building a professional network at the same time. Upon completing the series, I am confident that I will be fully equipped to become successful in my

    development efforts.”

    - Jacqueline, 1st Real Estate Co-Powerment Series Cohort (Spring 2017)

  • Fall 2020

    Since 2016:

    7 Cohorts

    88 Graduates

    27 Neighborhoods

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