• Who We Are

    Omicelo Cares is a nonprofit organization that believes neighborhoods can create promise for

    all community members .


    Our mission is to grow community members’ incomes in low-to-moderate income neighborhoods through specialized real estate education and deep supports for small businesses.

    Real Estate Education

    We support communities by exposing the

    path to a living wage through real estate and asset investments.


    The Real Estate Co-Powerment Series offers a step-by-step education platform designed to demystify development process through the lens of developers, community members and local officials.

    7 PillarsTM of Sustainable Business

    We seek to support small businesses in low- to moderate-income areas by providing deep business supports to materially increase their capacity.



    The 7 PillarsTM Business Accelerator will advance small businesses that are on the cusp of revenue growth opportunities through specialized technical assistance that allow them to capture growth opportunities.

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