• 7 Pillars™ of Sustainable Business

    What is the 7 Pillars™ Sustainable Business Accelerator?

    We support small businesses by providing deep business supports for income growth and sustainability. Our 7 Pillars™ Accelerator advances small businesses through specialized technical assistance and connects these businesses directly to revenue and growth opportunities.

    The 7 Pillars™ Accelerator integrates into the existing incubator/accelerator ecosystem by specializing: strategically on “last mile”; demographically on small businesses led by minorities, disadvantaged persons and/or located in low-to-moderate income communities; and Sector-wise on a subset of business that will be determined from time-to-time.

    What are the 7 Pillars?

    The 7 Pillars™ are: Strategy + Technology + Communication + Finance + Legal + Capital + People.

    We believe with all 7 Pillars™ your business is structured to grow. Without one of the 7 Pillars™ we believe your business is taking undue risk of losing market share in its industry.

    Why 7 Pillars™?

    "By participating in the UPMC Supplier Diversity Omicelo Cares 7 Pillars™ program, Davis Consulting Solutions, was able to receive customized services for our new recruitment software and one-on-one technical assistance. All of which is critical for our success and for that I am extremely grateful.”

    Danielle Davis, Ph.D.

    President & CEO

    Davis Consulting Solutions

    If selected for the 7 Pillars, what is required of me and my organization?

    •6-month cohort (5 to 10 hours a month)

    •Attendance during bi-monthly Strategy Meetings

    •Quarterly attendance at activities/networking opportunities

    •Completion of the 7 Pillars™ Accelerator Assessment

    •Financial Disclosure

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