• What We Do

    Real Estate

    Co-Powerment Series

    Shrinking the technical gap between communities and real estate developers.

    Omicelo Cares, in partnership with Neighborhood Allies, announces the 2017 Real Estate Co-Powerment Series, which serves as an education platform to demystify the real estate development process. Through class instruction, coaching and mentorship, our goal is to demonstrate how community members, organizations, and small business owners can participate and benefit from their own neighborhood revitalization.



    Experiential Learning

    Tangible, hands-on experiences.

    The DreamOn Festival provides an unique opportunity for Omicelo Cares students to use real estate principles and our 7 Pillars of Sustainable Business curriculum to execute a high-profile city-wide event. We ensure that students participate in the proceeds of the festival and develop their professional acumen in a way that helps the community.

    Experiential Business Education Program

    Helping high-performing high school students learn critical business skills.

    We believe in complementing existing public high school education with programs that teach business skills that are normally acquired in the first 5 years of corporate work. Over 8 weeks, young adults learn entrepreneurship principles, sharpen their innate talents, and build teamwork skills that are essential for success in the professional world.

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